Hello. I'm Andrea

You've landed here because you want to save time in your business or life, right?

I get it.

It's hard to find time to sort all your admin when you're running your own business, or keep on top of your lifestyle to do's when you have a busy family unit or plan epic adventures when you don't have the headspace.

Ready to hand over those jobs to your very own Virtual PA?

Helping you achieve more, live more, play more!

Would you like to free up your time to do more of the things you're great at, and enjoy?

You could be a small business owner wanting more time to focus on increasing your sales; working parents wanting more time to nurture a better work-life balance; or a busy professional wanting to organise your next holiday or get a helping hand with personal admin.

From diary management, travel planning, and gift buying, to more complex tasks involving full project management, Distinctive Assistants provide a professional, friendly and flexible service that's designed to work around and alongside you.

What would you do with more time? Let's have a chat.

Benefits Of Hiring a Virtual PA

While some tasks in your business may seem quite straightforward, by offloading them to a Virtual PA, you can focus on your more specialised tasks.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Virtual PA is you can free up your time to focus on the more important stuff like running and growing your business or creating time to nurture a better life/work balance.

A skilled Virtual PA will fill in the blanks and areas where you may not have the expertise and help you grow your small business without the commitment of hiring full-time staff.

By embracing a fully remote work structure, you & a Virtual PA can work effectively and efficiently, without having to have an actual office space. Working from home is fast becoming the new normal, and a Virtual PA is proving an obvious solution to those small business owners who don't have space or the budget to hire an employee but still need work completed.


Work smart, achieve more

Not enough time in a day? Distinctive Assistants can take care of your routine tasks - freeing up your time to concentrate on the important stuff like running and growing your business.

Distinctive Assistants can undertake a wide range of administrative tasks and offer ongoing business support.

  • Tidy up your email inbox
  • Proofread documents
  • General admin
  • Diary management
  • Research suppliers
  • Organise contacts database

Work smart, live more

How many hours can we give you back? Just a phone call away - an extra pair of hands can take care of your life admin, make a dinner reservation, organise an event or run errands.

Distinctive Assistants can bring huge benefits to your life by taking on the personal errands you don't have time to do.

  • Send gift cards
  • Book appointments
  • Lifestyle admin
  • Personal errands
  • Arrange reservations
  • Schedule personal appointments

Work smart, play more

Have you had a hectic week? The weekend is your chance to decompress, re-wild and do something fun! Distinctive Assistants can help plan great weekend adventures within Scotland, or further afield.

Distinctive Assistants can help make your next adventure inspirational by offering epic trip planning ideas.

  • Plan trip itineraries
  • Arrange outdoor activities
  • Organise packing list
  • Research pricing
  • Help plan your bucket list
  • Source and book accommodation

When do I need to think about hiring a Virtual PA?

  • You are overwhelmed with your current workload and you have little time to get to your admin tasks.
  • You have a backlog of tasks as long as your arm; such as emails to send, content to manage, data entry, or filing to fulfil.
  • You need support on an ad hoc basis.
  • You find you don't have the expertise nor the time to complete tasks effectively.
  • You need to use your time much more effectively.

Having someone you can delegate tasks to gives you peace of mind and keeps you sane ...... Isn't that worth it?


We offer a simple, straightforward and transparent pricing structure, either hourly or as a bundle. Alternatively, if you have something out of the ordinary get in touch to discuss our Go bespoke pricing.


Our hourly rate is a convenient option for ad-hoc support as and when you need it.

£30 per hour


If you have a long list of things you need help with, buy our 10-hour bundle at a discounted rate.


Go Bespoke

A plan to suit your budget and requirements. This is a great option for project-specific tasks.


Ready to get started?