Work smart, achieve more

Not enough time in a day? Distinctive Assistants can take care of your routine tasks – freeing up your time to concentrate on the important stuff like running and growing your business.

Distinctive Assistants can undertake a wide range of administrative tasks and offer ongoing business support.

  • Report compilation
  • PowerPoint presentation formation
  • Typing up, formatting & editing documents
  • Business related correspondence
  • Creating templates
  • Document Filing
  • Label creation, Mail Merge, Envelope ‘stuffing’
  • Copying, Printing & Scanning
  • Diary Management & Reminders service
  • Email management
  • Newsletter compilation
  • Research

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Work smart, live more

How many hours can we give you back? Just a phone call away – an extra pair of hands can take care of your life admin, make a dinner reservation, organise an event or run errands.

Distinctive Assistants can bring huge benefits to your life by taking on the personal errands you don’t have time to do.

  • Sourcing & purchasing gifts
  • Arrange dinner reservations
  • Managing your to-do list
  • Running errands
  • Personal shopping
  • Organising your photos
  • Declutter and arrange your contacts book
  • Date reminder service
  • Keeping personal admin current
  • Event organising (Birthday parties, anniversaries etc)
  • Researching travel options
  • Appointment booking

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Work smart, play more

Have you had a hectic week? The weekend is your chance to decompress, re-wild and do something fun! Distinctive Assistants can help plan great weekend adventures within Scotland, or further afield.

Distinctive Assistants can help make your next adventure inspirational by offering epic trip planning ideas.

  • Sourcing trips (personal recommendations within Scotland).
  • Road trip ideas
  • Location suggestions and accommodation options
  • Excursions and activity planning
  • Food and drink ideas
  • Bespoke or planned itineraries
  • Managing and booking accomodation
  • Sightseeing ideas
  • Hillwalking and Munro routes
  • Coordinating of all trip components
  • Booking activity reservations
  • Check out my Mildy Wild Adventures on Instagram for inspiration

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