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7 ways you can use Google Calendar to make you more productive

As a small business owner, you need to be organised, and one of the top tools to keep track of your time and workweek is to use Google Calendar.

If you haven't already been using Google Calendar for your professional and personal life - then you really should. It helps you keep track of your time, lets you focus on your priorities, and helps you spend your time doing what really matters.

Here are my top 7 ways you can use your Google Calendar to make you more productive:

  1. Create different calendars for different areas of your life - you can use multiple calendars for different areas of your work & life in Google. You can colour code each one to keep them organised.
  2. Share with others - this is a great feature to share your calendar with family and colleagues, to keep track of what everyone is doing. You can set permissions, like allowing someone to make edits.
  3. Create custom views - this is a great way to select how you prefer to use or view your calendar. You can choose a week, month year options and hide or show weekends and events, etc.
  4. Add specific meeting locations - a great feature that integrates with Google Maps. You can type it into the location field with a clickable link for directions.
  5. You can add attachments to appointment entries - this is a great feature for when you add people to a meeting entry. You can upload documents people might need for the event ensuring they have the information required in advance.
  6. You can add recurring events - such as weekly or monthly meetings, gym classes or the kids after school activities.
  7. Add Google Meet to an entry - if you work remotely, you can link in a video call right in the calendar entry for each participant to login to.

Get in touch if you could do with some help setting up, or managing your Google Calendar.