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7 ways to simplify your workday

Do you start your workday with good intentions to get on with your tasks but can become easily distracted?

Here are ways you can maximise productivity and get on with your work, by adding these 7 easy strategies to your workday:

  1. Create set response emails
    If you regularly send out emails with similar content, create specific email response templates. It will save you time replying and editing each one.

  2. Keep your desk clear
    Keep on top of your paperwork, filing & general cleanliness on your desk area. Keep everything in a place - making it easier to find stuff & keep it ordered.

  3. Have boundaries with social media & emails
    Switch off app alerts, and only log in at specific times to check for messages, etc. The best way to get things done is to be unreachable.

  4. Plan your day the night before
    Plan in advance so you know what you have to achieve the following day. It will give you more control over your schedule and help save you time.

  5. Delegate work
    Get some things off your list, by delegating tasks to others. Choose the right person for each task. This frees up your time to focus on the more important stuff.

  6. Batch similar tasks
    By batching all your similar tasks together, you can reduce the confusion of switching from many unrelated tasks. Constant switching can make you lose focus and become unproductive.

  7. Take little work breaks
    Every hour or so, take a wee breather. Do some stretching, go for a walk, make a cup of tea, or even do a short meditation to release some tension and freshen your mind.

Need help making your workday more simple?